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The innovative Allazo Learning Language program is more than just the average learning test--it is a revolutionary tool for student achievement. Based on cutting edge research and feedback from professional educators, this multi-dimensional analysis dives into the underlying reasons behind not just HOW we learn, but WHY we learn, and from WHERE we learn the most! We invite you to take the assessment and understand your Learning Language in a whole new light! It is changing student achievement around the world, let it change yours!

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Using the information from the ALL Program, educators can better understand their struggling students, find common ground with parents, and better prepare for unique class dynamics. The ALL Program also helps students to improve in areas where they're not strong, by helping them identify the things they're weak at, and offering suggestions tailored to them and their learning style. These resources and more will create more well-rounded students who are better prepared for college, a professional career, and any other situation where they might have to learn outside of their comfort zone.

Allazo Works For Everybody



The ALL Learning Language evaluation provides teachers with information and resources to improve learning individually and collectively. By analyzing individual Learning Languages, educators can better understand how to reach and motivate their students, and create more effective lesson plans that are suited to their needs.



By knowing how their child learns in the classroom, parents can learn how to better support them in their education and at home. Furthermore, this also helps parents to be on the same page as educators, so they can both work together to motivate the student and get them excited about learning.



As a student, understanding how you learn is vital for achieving success. The ALL Program will help you to improve in areas where you're weak. By using the information that is tailored to you and your Learning Language, you will be able to build more effective study habits, while preparing for college and a career.

The Learning Language

At the Allazo Group, we have a passion for education. Our purpose is to maximize the learning potential of every single student. With our data-driven research, we have created a technological solution to eliminate gaps causing otherwise capable students to fall short of their potential. We call this solution the Allazo Learning Language Program. It is designed to give an analysis of each individual, and is comprised of four distinct layers of information that together make that person's "Learning Language". Students, teachers, parents, and administrators can then use this information as power to improve the education of each child. However, it doesn't stop there--along with this information, you'll get a series of suggested activities, situations, study methods, and more that are tailored to each student's strengths.